Alan Katof

Alan Katof

Artist Statement

The last couple of years has brought many changes to my photography. I have become fascinated with the digital aspects of photography and I often choose to go in that direction. I am now a seeker of light and shadow and texture. As my vision widens I often go back to old images, with new eyes. And, the neat part is,I have so much more beauty to see.

Artist’s bio

I have been involved in Education and Art in New York for over forty years. Early in these pursuits, I dabbled in crafts such as candle making and stained glass. I spent two years teaching these crafts and selling my own work. That endeavor became meshed with my teaching in the elementary school and evolved into digital photography and the more technical aspects of printing photographs using computers. As I evolved from film photography to digital photography, the computer classroom became my laboratory. Sharing my interests with the elementary school children that I taught, and with colleagues too, became the motivation to explore and develop my own skills. I used photography as a tool to motivate and teach. At the same time, I became motivated by the children I taught, and by the beautiful photography produced by one of my very talented colleagues. Today, I try to capture a little bit of the beauty that surrounds us and share that beauty via my photography. I love to photograph flowers and what better place to do that than in California. I love to travel our country and the world and photograph almost all that I see.


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