Joan Grine

July FA. Pastel, Drawing/Printmaking
JULY: Artist Statement

The beauty of nature is the inspiration for most of Grine’s work. Her love of natural subjects, their textures, patterns, and atmosphere are shown in her oil paintings, pastels, and ink drawings. San Diego County is a great source of ideas for her artwork, with the mountains, desert, and beautiful ocean views. She paints her landscapes either on location or from sketches and photos in her studio.

Phone: (858) 525-1483

Website: http://joangrine.com

Artist Bio

Joan Grine, presently living in North San Diego County, was born, raised, and educated on the east coast. She studied art at the Maryland Institute of Art, Mary Baldwin College, and Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia, where she received her B.A. in fine art. She has continued in classes and workshops with excellent instructors in drawing and painting. Pastels have remained her favorite medium, allowing for ease in “plein air” painting and for the demonstrations, she often gives to art organizations and at the Del Mar Fair. She has private classes in her home studio. She has also served as a judge at several art shows. Her paintings have been in numerous exhibitions and solo shows, and are in homes and businesses around the world. They can be seen at the San Dieguito Art Guilds Off Track Gallery in Encinitas and the COAL Gallery in Carlsbad. She also has shows in local banks, businesses, and libraries


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