Linda DiRosa

Linda DiRosa, Watermedia
Artist Statement

Capturing a moment in time and preserving it for “always” is my goal. I have chosen photography and painting as a way of doing this. My hopes are that others, too, will see the value, beauty, and appreciation of this moment.

Phone: (760) 967-9991

Artist Bio

California artist, Linda DiRosa, grew up on the East Coast situated on the Connecticut River surrounded by trees and beautiful local color. Always appreciating local beauty, her work typically incorporates the variety of colors and scenic elements in which she is surrounded. This atmosphere is characteristic in many of her paintings, especially notable in landscapes.

As an aspiring artist, Linda moved to Oceanside, California to start a family and enjoy the local Coastal culture and beauty. She studied art and photography and she and her husband loved it so much, that for the next 25 years, they owned and operated a photography studio. Their photography business grew to include portraits, weddings, sporting and convention events, photo processing, poster manufacturing,
and even creating a photography center where photo enthusiasts could rent a darkroom to process their own work. The photography experience further enhanced Linda’s ability to know what goes into making a good picture and what people like to see. Many of her photographs inspire or become one of her paintings.

Linda completed formal art training and earned a degree in Fine Arts from Mira Costa College. Over the years, Linda continues to study under and complete workshops with many noteworthy artists. As a the result, Linda has created pieces in ceramics, stained glass, calligraphy, life drawing, in addition to the award-winning watercolor and oil painting she does today.

Always with a pen, pencil or brush in hand, Linda has turned to various media to fulfill her artistic nature. She was commissioned on Camp Pendleton to design and paint wall motifs for several clubs on base. She is also commissioned to paint portraits. Traveling throughout and living on the West Coast has inspired many of her beautiful paintings. Noteworthy works have resulted from the many trips she has taken to the San Francisco Bay Area, Monterrey, Yosemite, and Big Sur, but particularly loving Southern
California deserts, the San Luis Rey Mission, Balboa Park, and coastal life and landscapes. In addition to being active in the local art community, Linda likes to spend time with her family, gardening, traveling, plein aire painting or taking photographs of local culture and the beauty she encounters along the way–most of which become paintings for others to see and enjoy. Linda is active in the local Carlsbad Oceanside Art League where she shows and sells her paintings and is secretary. You can contact Linda there or at her home studio


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