Mary Anne Nilsson Bloom



Mary Anne Nilsson Bloom was an award-winning artist who lived and taught art in Carlsbad for more than thirty years. Her landscapes of local and foreign scenes were distinguished by incredible skies, rich colors, and varied textures. Mary Anne worked mainly in pastels and acrylics using different grounds and techniques. “I love the richness and directness of pastels. Acrylics are incredibly diverse and allow me the opportunity to paint using thin glazes to impasto.”

An active member and past president of COAL, she joined fourteen years ago to direct the Children’s Show. Her degree in Fine Arts from San Jose State University and advocacy for art education in grade schools were the driving forces behind her passion for teaching art. “Part of the joy of being an artist is not only the process but sharing the ‘why and the how’ of creating it.”

Mary Anne was born in London, England, raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and moved to Carlsbad where she taught classes privately and did commission work. She recently passed away in July 2022. Some of her family’s favorite art pieces are on display here.

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