Join the Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League! Apply for membership today!

Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League is a member-based organization and it’s owned and run by our artists. By becoming a member, not only you will gain access to our monthly shows at the North Coastal Art Gallery and all our annual programs, but a community of like-minded artists and invaluable experience with the art market. Review our activities information flyer.

Do you qualify?

To become a COAL member you need:

  • New Members must provide a social media or website resource for Gallery review of their artwork, (provided on the application), or send a separate email with two images of your artwork prior to completing the application to: [email protected], Subject: Interest in Membership.
  • To be 18+ years old
  • Review the Art Categories to make certain your artwork will be accepted
  • Complete and pay the annual membership dues. December 1 through January 31
  • Host the gallery (work at the front desk) for one 3-hour shift a month
  • Review and address your Volunteer interests

Membership types and fees

There are several types of membership you can apply for:

  • Renewal membership: $100, due Dec 1 and becomes delinquent on January 31. You must have been a Member in the previous year’s Membership rolls to qualify, or you will be applying as a New Member.
  • New membership: $100/year + $15 one-time enrollment fee.
  • Joint membership: $150/year (residing in the same household).
  • Full-time artist-student (18-23 years old): $60/year
  • Patron Membership: $100
  • Pro-rated fees apply for new members only

Membership Applications (New & Renewal) and Payment

Apply online today here

Become an active member!

Every member of the Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League and North Coastal Art Gallery is requested to actively participate in helping our organization run smoothly for the benefit of all members, gallery visitors, and art collectors.

What is your strong suit? We are always seeking help in the areas of business, marketing, administration, IT, events, and others. Here’s a shortlist of the volunteer opportunities: Sign up here

  • Website Assistant
  • Publicity team: Facebook, Instagram, Online activity
  • Newsletter team
  • Art Take-in team
  • Art Installation team
  • Youth Shows team
  • Hospitality team
  • Data entry and management
  • Membership Director & Assistant
  • Gallery Director Assistant
  • Become a BOD Member