FEBRUARY 2023: Susan Bell

It has been my wish to travel and paint the many people and cultures of the world. Raised on a farm in New York until the age of 11, I have seen many aspects of nature. I started out painting landscapes and still life. But my true passion has been my fascination with people and the human face. I am struck by the innocence and candor of children. My willing subjects have been my grandchildren, much to their delight. There is something about seeing and recognizing your face in a painting.

I am drawn to both realistic and abstract expressions. It has been a goal in my work to incorporate the two. The many models I have painted have provided inspiration to look for the unique qualities that each of us possesses. It has been recently that I have taken interest in exploring the mystery in the face. Using a building of layers to lend depth and drama has been an exciting process. Visit Susan

FEBRUARY 2023: Julia Aspin

The concept of most of my works is rooted in my personal history. I grew up in the Soviet Union, and anyone who is familiar with Ukrainian or Russian culture, however briefly, knows how important and strong the role of nature is in it. To this day art, music, and literature of these counties are influenced by the ideas of seasons, Nature’s bounty, and close ties of people and land.

In my still-life arrangements, I use a variety of man-made and natural objects that serve as a metaphor for the balance and interaction between Nature and Man. Another important aspect of my work is merging the symbolism of these objects with light and color to create the appropriate mood, be it the somber relaxation of Fall, excitement of the new beginning of Spring, an abundance of Summer or the mystery of Winter. Visit Julia

FEBRUARY 2023: Gregg Sindici

 As the artist who has the privilege of applying paints, mediums, and other materials, I strive to create a piece that provokes curiosity and intrigue in the mind of the viewer. My goal is to produce a painting that causes the viewer to ask himself or herself questions like “how did he do that”, ”what is underneath that layer”, or ”did he put the red on before the blue or vice versa”? For me, that is what abstract art is all about. when painting, I am not trying to abstract some figurative object or scene; instead, I prefer to let my paintings speak to the viewer in private hoping only that l have sparked a positive reaction in the mind of the Viewer. Visit Gregg

FEBRUARY 2023: Victoria Griffin

Victoria Griffin is a North Coastal Art Gallery artist.

FEBRUARY 2023: Peg Klinger

Peg Klinger is a North Coastal Art Gallery Artist who is also a member of the San Diego Watercolor Society

More coming soon in February 2023