Carlsbad Oceanside Art League Mission

“We encourage artistic growth”, and open the world of art to everyone irrespective of their level of artistic or creative experience, or background, and provide accessible platforms, resources, and opportunities for artists to create, exhibit, and share their work.

We are a volunteer-based Membership and appreciate their valuable time in support of the North Coastal Art Gallery.

History of North Coastal Art Gallery and Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League

The North Coastal Art Gallery is managed by the (COAL), Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League which is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, formed in August 1951, by a group of 5 emerging and established artists who lived in the Carlsbad and Oceanside area. Their mission was to promote art education and cultural appreciation in the community, and whose primary purpose is to provide art enrichment to artists, and provide a place to display artwork.

Board of Directors

President: Cheryl Ehlers, [email protected]

Vice President: (Open)

Secretary: Judy Richardson

Treasurer: (Open), Interim, Gertrude Lewis, Co-Treasurer: OPEN

Director of Membership: Scott Bruckner, [email protected]

Director of Gallery Operations: Gertrude Lewis, [email protected], Co-Gallery Manager: (Open)

Director of Art on the Green: Deb Capetz, [email protected] Co-Director: Craig Meyer

Director of Programs: Susan Bell [email protected]

Director of Publicity: (Open)

We appreciate our dedicated volunteers and patrons alike who fill our existing vacancies. Interested in joining us? Signup (here).

Thank you to all the Supporting Committees

Monthly Show Chair: George Kanetakis, Assistant Chair (Open)

Art Installation: Phaya Gifford, Lois Atherton

Judges/Demonstrations: Judges: Lorraine Marie Cote, Demos: Scott Bruckner and Videographer, Mark Watkins

Hospitality: (Open)

Calendar: Ellen Cramer, [email protected]

Webmaster: Galina Marcus

Brushmark Newsletter: Cindy Fatica [email protected]

Baffle and Youth Art Coordinator: Charcee Colosia, [email protected]

Social Media: (OPEN)

Instagram: Melissa Nabulsi; Facebook, Katinka Clementsmith, Dawn Tappen, Julie Brooks, Creative Writer, Gallery Maintenance, Gregg Sindici, OPEN: Calendar Posting, and more, visit the volunteer signup sheet on the website.