Ann Hurd

Ann Hurd

Artist’s Statement

I have always had a passion for photography and I am thrilled every time I look through my viewfinder and see a beautiful scene unfold. Part of the fun of taking thousands of photographs on a trip is to be able to share my photos and experiences with others when I return. I am honored every time someone tells me they enjoy my work.

Artist’s bio

Ann is an accomplished educator who retired after 15 years of teaching and 15 years as a school principal in order to travel and pursue her passion of photography. Ann travels extensively and when home in Carlsbad she sells her work on weekends at COAL’s “Art on the Green”. She has won many awards over the years and has many stories to tell about her travels. If you want to hear the stories behind her photographs come on out to the lawn area in front of the Carlsbad Inn to talk with her and the other artists that show there regularly.

Artwork by Ann Hurd

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