Debbie Forbes

Debbie Forbes

Artist’s Statement

Since I was very young, making paintings has always had a calming effect on my psyche, as well as improved my general outlook on life. The sense of creating a work that is conceptually and visually pleasing is a wonderful thing. Also, being able to make something beautiful that ordinarily might not have been seen as such is very rewarding. My pleasure is magnified by bringing enjoyment and inspiration to the viewer of my art.

Artist Bio

After a varied and interesting career, Debbie Forbes has realized her dream of successfully creating and selling fine art. Personnel Management & Training, Public Relations & Marketing in cable television, banking, and hospitality industries left little time for painting in the 70’s and 80’s. The positive reception her work has received since then through regional showing opportunities has been a great experience. Debbie’s most unique exhibition took place in San Diego at the 1996 Republican Convention where she was the only watercolorist displaying paintings for Convention participants. Security issues and logistical circumstances made the 2-week event very challenging. Her efforts have not gone unrewarded. Hundreds of enthusiasts now own original pieces and reproductions of her work, including foreign collectors. In 1997 an art importer in Japan exhibited Debbie’s work in Okinawa at that country’s oldest shopping center. Debbie grew up in the Pacific Northwest where she began studying oil painting at age 12 with instructor Frances Bond. She considers herself to be primarily self-taught and credits her brilliantly colorful interpretations of her surroundings to her love of the outdoors, nature, and the animals living there. Her painting style has earned her numerous commissions, including several commercial projects. She continues to be recognized for her representational paintings depicting beautiful escapes that anyone can appreciate. Debbie also creates unique, permanent, and functional works on crystal and glass. Her studio is located in Fallbrook among the avocado and citrus trees where she resides with her husband, Mainecoon kitties, and 2 new rescue pups.


Artist’s contacts

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (760) 723-2599

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