David Seeley

Artist’s Statement

“Cameras today are so good that it is difficult to take a technically poor photo. The challenge is to find a unique subject or a familiar object or scene to photograph in a new way.

I try to constantly improve my artistic vision by photographing what I see and feel.

David’s Bio

It is not often a person can combine several of his passions into one. Dave Seeley has managed to merge a lifetime interest in the outdoors and a love of travel to exotic out of the way places with an interest in photography.

For many years, Dave spent a part of each fall hiking and photographing in the Sierras. He has trekked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and explored many desert areas in search of interesting photos. Visits to such places as Machu Picchu in Peru, the Seychelles Islands, Kenya, Thailand, Egypt & China have provided him with a wide variety of photographic opportunities. In so doing, Dave has honed his skills and sharpened his photographic vision. He prints most of his own photos to exercise more control over the end product.

After a career in engineering, business systems development, and financial management, Dave retired from his position as CFO for his firm. He joined COAL in 2003 and was the COAL Treasurer from January 2004 through mid-2012.

Artwork by David Seeley

Where to find David online:

Contact: [email protected]

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